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Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to visit Myanmar.We would like to give you some information of Eco tourism sites here. You should choose to Yangon by morning Flight much better. On the occasionally you couldn’t get ticket at that airline/time don’t worry about it we will adjust itineraries but we wouldn’t omit from programmes.

Moeyun Gyi Wetlands

whitetiger3There is located between in  Bago and Waw Townships of Bago Division Area is wide 40 squares miles established in 1986. Journey is (70) miles from Yangon along the Yangon-Bago-Pyinpongyi Highway. This wetland is preserved resident and migratory water birds and their habitats. Some of bird watchers cooperate with international scientific organizations. myanmar eco tour myanmar eco tour myanmar eco tour myanmar eco tour myanmar eco tour

There has more than twenty species of aquatic grass and herb (Emergent saprophytes) including kiang grass and water are present in the sanctuary and Nosebag  grow particularly in shallow aera of the sanctuary. Especially Kiang grasslands are the most suitable breeding ground for water birds. Wildlife of Moeyingyi wetland is noted that a total number of (4529) birds inhabited.

Moeyungyi is a vital shelter for both resident and migratory waterfowls. A census at Moeyungyi revelaed that there are 125 species of waterbirds including 70 species of migrants. Little Grebe,Grey Heron, Sarus Crane, Asian Open- Bill, Ruddy Shelduck,  Purple Swamphen, Spot - Billed pelican, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Black Winged Stilt, Great Cormorant, etc., can be seen abundantly .The best season to visit is from November to March . In addition to bird watching , you can observe the livelihood of local populace, fauna and flora of the wetlands.

You will watch resident and migratory water birds and enjoyment of natural view near Yangon.Conducting research activities on wetland ecosystem. You will Study wetland environment by boat. Accommodation for (5) to (10) persons at a guest house. Nine boat-shaped timber  houses  accommodating two in each room.

Phoekyar Camp

wildlife_wetlandIt was situated in the large forest (jungle) of Thargara of Yedashe Township . Trip is 204 miles From Yangon to Swar Township by car. It  is (10) miles( 2) furlong from Thargara then Thargara to Phoekyar Camp is (10) miles all seasons by car. In the area of Swar forest reserve  on the bank of Thaing creek. Camp has 20 acres in area.From Yangon to Taungoo by train is 116 mile. From Taungoo to Thargara Phoekyar Camp Forest  is 26 miles by car.

Phoekyar forest resort is recently emerged as the ideal eco-tourism spot being having a special privilege of occupying a prime location, a little forest bordering   with a stream running in zigzag way within the area and providing an abundance of water supply for local settlement and elephants bathing. And having a more than 150 years old teak and other commercial trees species within the camp is a credit for our clients. In and around the camp fragrance of the seasonal flowering trees and wild orchids, the humming and chit-chatting of birds.

It is an extra to pay visits to mahout’s (elephant trainer ) residents at the elephant village and see how instincts, language and inborn tendency between elephants and mahouts are linked and related. You are welcome to explore the atmosphere of the newly emergence of our Phoekyar Forest Camp   where you could experience the service and hospitality that are well beyond your expectations.

Alungdaw Kathapa National Park

wildlifeandwetlandThere was located between  in Mingin Township of Sagaing Division has a  area 620.35 square miles. It was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 and opened as a national park in 1984. We will  reach  to Alungdaw Kathapa( 981) miles from Yangon via Mandalay by car another way to this park   400 miles by airway and Mandalay to Alungdaw Kathapam, (148) miles by car.

This area  preserve biodiversity including flora and fauna to study and research on ecosystem of plants and animals. To maintain   forest resources like  a national park in accordance with the sustainable production policy of natural resources to promote and develop eco- tourism. Any season used to  road from Kapaing village to Bayana Camp.

This region is  moist mixed deciduous forests and  wildlife elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, banteng,  sambur , barking deer, jungle goat, mountain goat, bear, wild boar, jungle cat and many kinds of birds inhabit Alungdaw Kathapa you will worship it has been enshrined . Accommodation facilities available (5 ) persons in Yinmabin guest house (10) persons at the mountain guest house (8) persons in a logged cabin and (5) persons in nearby Kapaing village.

Kakaborazi National Park

It was located  between in Naungmung Township of Kachin State area keep 1,472 square miles ,established in 1996. Route  to there  from Yangon to Myitkyina, 920 miles by car or 723 miles by train, Myitkyina to Putao, 218 miles, and Putao to Naungmung, 35 miles by car.

It is conserved natural forests and wildlife in the northern part of Myanmar.The main objectives are to established and maintain a national park of high-quality and up to the standard of modern environmental conservation policies and to promote the present status to an ecotourism industry of high standard on Kakaborazi, the highest mountain in Myanmar with 29,698 feet in the height and other significantly beautiful scenery. Other way to cons -erve  watersheds in the area where the Ayeyawady River originates also to carry out development activities for Himalayan Mountain Region in cooperation with the international organizations.

Forest and vegetative types are evergreen forests; hill pine forests; moist upper mixed deciduous forest. This wildlife are still alive  rare species such as Takin. Musk Deer, Blue Sheep, Black Barking Deer, Phet Gyi (Muntiaus putaoensis), mammal species and insects such as butterflies are present. We will study and recreation those are climbing snow-capped mountains; the origin of the Ayeyawady River scenery   enjoyment of beautiful natural features.; exploration for new plant and animal species;to Study traditional culture, custom and system of living of local Rawang, Lisu and Myanmar -Tibet ethnic nationals.

Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary

It was situated  in Mohnyin Township of Kachin State  area is 299.32 square miles and  established in 1999. This journey far from Yangon to Mohnyin (700) miles, Mohnyin to Hopin, (45) miles any season used to  road but can be used fair season from  Hopin to Lontene village (27) miles distance.

This wildlife ‘s objectives to preserve should be  the largest inland lake in Southeast Asia both  protect resident water birds, migratory birds and forest dwelling birds that can be conserved Indawgyi watershed area and would be  promoted  eco tourism in the region.

There had been  moist upper  mixed  deciduous forests and dry upper mixed deciduous forests then  lower mixed deciduous forest.Wildlifes are leopard, golden cat, himalaya sun bear, gaur, banteng or wild cow,  goral, sport-billed pelican, vulture, other water birds, peacock and soft-shell turtle etc..about(120) species..

Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary

It is situated in Kantbula Township of Sagaing Division area wide (103.55) square miles was establishment in 1941. Journey is far away from Yangon via Manadalay to Chatthin, (502) miles by rail and Yangon via Mamdalay to Shwebo, (577) miles by car, Shwebo to Chatthin,( 80) miles by car.

This wildlife’s objectives to conserve and protect the dry forest ecosystem and related biological species. Other theme is to be a World's endangered animals, raw deer  which can be found only in Myanmar and to maintain an optimum number for the existence of this species.

There can study the ecology of barking deer (in Myanmar Thamin) and the biodiversity will find  a center for public recreation and natural environmental education both upgrade the sanctuary to promote ecotourism.

This wildlife types are Indaing forests upper mixed deciduous Forests grass savanna forests. Wildlife are barking deer, wild boar, wild dog, leopard, cat species, bats and guano species, amphibian species and 158 species of birds and approximately (1530) numbers of raw deer (Thamin) resident  in the pa

Shwesettaw Wildlife

It was located between  in Minbu, Seytottaya, Saku and Ngapeh Townships of Magwe Division area is(213.4) square miles. It  established as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1940 and strengthened with more staff in 1985.

This journey is far from Yangon to Magwe, (331) miles by car and Magwe to Minbu, (2) miles by river-route and Minbu to Shwesettaw, (30) miles by car. Objectives to protect and conserve the  endemic deer of Myanmar then to conserve the  forest which is part of the dry zone ecosystem and natural habitat of deer. There sustain the environs of the cherished Shwesettaw disciple of Buddha Image as a  pilgrimage and homage to the footprint of Buddha.

There had  low forest and dry deciduous forest both wildlife are bear, gaur, sambur, barking deer, eld's deer, Wild boar and various types of wild cats, wild dogs and birds. In accordance with 1998 inventory, deer  quantity  is increasing and include the rare star tortoise . It is very possible to look around life and habits of  rare reptile star tortoise and the culture of the Chin ethnic nationals then will study  the dry zone ecosystem and wildlife.

Hlawkhar Wildlife Park

It was located between in Htaukkyan village in Mingaladon Township of Yangon Division. Area (540) acres, comprising a wildlife park (818 acres), a mini-zoo (62) acres and a buffer zone (660 acres).It established in 1982. Access Approximately( 22) miles north of Yangon, just west of Yangon-Pyay Road.

hlaw gar wildlife parkTheme of establishment to protect the forests and vegetative cover in the catchment of Hlawga Lake a representative collection of Myanmar indigenous wildlife species of mammals, reptiles and birds, which will be kept under as near as possible natural conditions in such as a way that they can be readily viewed by visitors. Semi-evergreen forests mixed deciduous forests Swamp forests wildlife  hog deer, barking deer, Sambar deer, rhesus monkey, pythons, pangolin, mythun, all have in the fenced wildlife park. In the mini-zoo, small mammals, birds, tigers, leopards, bears and estuarine crocodiles are being displayed more freely in large in spacious cages, aviaries and enclosures, built with modern zoo concept.

Ledo Throughfare and Hukhaung Valley

There was located Tanain town ship ;between Kachin State and Magway Division.This highway road is crossing from Myikyina to Namatee,Moekhaung,Karmaing after to Tanain about totally 120 miles from Tanain to Ledo City 143 miles and Myitkyina to Ledo 263 miles., In 1942  2nd  WW  British Army to back out from Burma when American Allie planed to construct a strategy  between China and India therefore they erected 1st  December in1942.


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