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Myanmar Location & Weather

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Myanmar shares a total of 5858 km of international borders with Bangladesh and India on the North-West, China on the North-East, Laos on the East and Thailand on the South-East. It has a total length of 2832 km of coastlines. The country stretches 2090 km from North to South and 925 km from East to West at its widest points. The official name is the Union of Myanmar. myanmar travel guide myanmar travel guide myanmar travel guide myanmar


Myanmar has a tropical climate with three general seasons, the rainy season, the cool season and the hot season. The rainy season is from mid-May to mid-October; the cool season from mid-October to mid-February to and the hot season from mid-February to mid-May before the rains begin. The best time to visit Myanmar is from mid-October to mid-May during open season.myanmar travel guide myanmar travel guide myanmar myanmar travel


When you plan to bring some electronic devices, make sure that these work with our domestic power A.C 220 - 250V 50Hz.The Power Line is 440V.


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