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Information about VISA to Myanmar Visa

Q.   How can I get Myanmar Visa?
A . You can get visa either at the Myanmar Embassy or nearest consulate or pre-arranged visa on arrival online at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q.  How long does it take to get visa at the Myanmar Embassy?
A.  It takes about one to two weeks to get the visa at the Myanmar Embassy.

Q.  How long does it take to get visa on arrival with you?
A.  It takes about one week to get visa with us only online.

Q.  How much is Visa Fees at the Myanmar Embassy?
A.  It is about 20USD for Tourist Visa.

Q.  How much is Visa On Arrival fees?
A.  It is 30USD official fees + our service fees

Q.  How long can I stay in Myanmar with Tourist Visa?
A.  You can stay 28 days in Myanmar.

Q.  Is the visa extendable?
A.  Tourist visa can't be extended but you can overstay about 2 weeks by paying USD3         per day at the Immigration counter when you leave.

Information about Myanmar

Q. What is the weather like in Myanmar?
A.  Myanmar has humidity type weather and has 3 seasons-Summer, Rainy Season and
Winter.You should bring rain coats or umbrella if you come in Rainy Season (June to Sept).

Q.   Can I use credit card in Myanmar?
A.    All major credit cards can't be used in Myanmar only except at some 5 stars hotel.

Q.   Can I bring my mobile phone into Myanmar?
A.   Since our local GSM network doesn't support global network, you can't use our credit card.

Q.  Is it necessary to change USD to FEC at the airport?
A.  It is no longer necessary to change USD to FEC at the airport.

Q. Is there any compulsory vaccinations for travel to Myanmar?
A.  No. There aren't any compulsory vaccinations. But you are suggested to bring some
malaria tablets and insect repellents should be also brought.


Q.   What are the advantages of booking tour package with you?
A.   By letting us arrange your trip in Myanmar, your travel program will be arranged by our professional and well experienced staff. In addition, you have a chance of feeling our real culture.

Q.   Do you also arrange International air ticket?
A.   Yes. We can book International flight ticket for you and send you e-ticket.

Q.  What is the next step, after I made a reservation with you?
A.   Please check with our operation staff for your further needs and when everything is
ok, we will start arranging your trip.

Q. Do the hotels accept early check-in and late check-out?
A. Different hotels have different rules and regulations. Most of 4 or 5 stars
hotels request additional charges for early check in and late check out.

Q.  How can I meet with you while we are in Myanmar?
A . Our guide and operation staff will come and welcome you on your arrival day and make
everything clear before yu start the journey.

Q.  Is there any cancellation fees?
A . Since we have to make prepayment to the hotels and other arrangements, cancellation
fees is collected according to our terms and condition.

Q.  Will I receive refund in case of any cancellation?
A.  If you have to cancel because of any unforeseen situation such as weather, political
situation, etc, we will adjust cancellation fees.

Q.   Is Internet available everywhere?
A.   Most of the large city can provide now internet services and even at the hotel. There
are local Internet cafe where you can also access Internet.


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