Cultural Tour in Yangon-Mandalay-Amarapura-Innwa-Sagaing-Mt.Popa-Inle-Pindaya-Yangon (7)Nights (8) Days
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Good Day Ladies & Gentlemen we would Like to suggest if you are willing to visit Myanmar(Burma-Yangon) you should choose by morning Flight is much better.On the occasionally if you couldn't get air ticket on that flight schedule you don't hesitate or worry about that we will adjust to itineraries accordingly we will serve until your satisfaction that wouldn't omit from confirmed tour programmes.

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Day (1) Yangon

chaukhtatgyiGood morning ladies and gentlemen we will welcome on arrival at Yangon Int'l Airport by morning flight and pick up to hotel check in and an hour individually rest then begin excursion features are Chaukhtagyi;( a colossal reclining Buddha). Then we will proceed to the National Museum display famous Lion Throne, an amazingly decorated with gold guild others many priceless ancient artifacts and historic memorabilia are also on display).After that Sule Pagoda;( Zedi in Myanmar language that directive from cetiya in Pali language means Pagoda which is beautiful octagonal golden stupa), After here from looking around to down town area where the colonial buildings including City Hall. We will serve lunch at a restaurant on the way back to hotel.

In the late afternoon we will call you Botataung Zedi;(hair of Buddha was enshrined with escorted by 1000 Indian military officers ), Then Bogyoke Aung San Market;( the city's busiest and the most colourful bazaar well known Scott market). Finally continue to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda;( pure beauty and magically blended with an legend and history)after enjoy the sunset here. Overnight in Yangon.

Day (2) Mandalay-Innwa-Saggaing

inwaGood morning ladies and gentlemen after early breakfast we will proceed airport transfer to Mandalay by morning flight. Mandalay;( the last capital of Myanmar Kingdom, is the center of Myanmar culture. It is founded in 1857 by King Mindon (last penultimate king).On depend arrival direction to tour spots includes the highlight of the visit Innwa (Ava) where will includes the highlight of the visit Innwa (Ava) where will find Bagaya Monastery ;(which built of 267 gigantic teakwood pillars) and the leaning watch tower of Innwa.

Queen Meenu's brick Monastery ;(Remarkable old brick monument of Queen Meenu). After that go toward to Saggaing;(an ancient city that named Zayathingha in literally) . Lunch in here meanwhile you get taking time and rest.

After lunch to start excursions consist Uhminthonzae Paya;(it is a cave there was placed 45 Buddha Images in 14th century), Swamooponyashin Paya;(there is very peaceful and get cool eyes looking at environment), drive down from Saggaing hill to Khaungmudaw Stupa;(it is an enormous dome shape was erected in 1636 English era.) then to the silverware craft factory;(create traditionally use to particulars by silver) on the way back to Mandalay .Overnight in Mandqalay.

Day (3) Mandalay-Amarapura

mandalay9Good morning ladies and gentlemen after breakfast we will arrange to visit Amarapura such as Mahagandhayon Monastery;(act respectively to Monks and novices they are alms food offered by devotees in morning) ,then U Pin long wooden bridge;( which spans 1.2 km which was built totally with teak woods from destroyed ruining capital two centuries ago).After that return to Mandalay we will show Mandalay handicrafts places on the way.

These places are such as gold leaves hand making workshop and other handicraft workshops , wood carving and bronze casting, visit to the Mahamuni Image,;(It was brought in 1784 by King Bodawpaya from Kingdom of Mrauk U, Arakan Dynasty); Shwenandaw Monastery;( this is one of the chamber of Mandalay Palace ,it is famous for its incredible woodcarvings with gold gilded decoration a reminiscent).Then Mandalay hill(it is the vintage point for panoramic view of the city and marvelous sunset. There strictly prohibit drinking alcohol.

Day (4) Road to Bagan

boat baganGood morning ladies and gentlemen today in the early morning we will prepare breakfast boxes to have on boat.We will transfer to Gawwein jetty aurora morning to Bagan by boat down tide through Ayeyarwady river, It is one of the longest river in Myanmar.

Taking photos and gazing to sunrise is so marvelous and fantastiuc from departure time to before pass Saggaing mountain region.

Especially will observe in experience on the boat/small ship(they just drive in the shallow water way).A sailor do measure with bamboo strip to water deep and loudly roar to boat captain" up tide water 3 ft down tide water 1 ft " etc.. and then several observations on the way to Bagan. On occasion arrival tour will go on to see the first day sunset or just sent to hotel. Overnight in Bagan.

Day (5) Bagan

bagan11Good morning ladies and gentlemen after breakfast we will provide to transfer to airport by morning flight to Bagan. On depend arrival we will check in hotel and take tour includes “Golden Shwezigon pagoda;(which is Pagan's most important reliquary shrine and housed images of 37 "Nats").After here Kyansittha UHmin(Cave);(small but description mural painting that Mongo warriors holding arrow and bow). Then we will see Gubyauknge temple in Wekgyiinn village;( it is another cave temple with fine frescoes of Jataka tales). After that we will arrange lunch on the way to hotel.

In the late afternoon we will show to Htilominlo temple ( the last Bamar style temple built in Bagan, with old murals and friezes) then approach to Tharabar Gate;(it is a just remained gate) way into Old Bagan. Back drive from that temple visit to Ananda temple:( a whitewashed masterpiece and with four standing Buddha Images). After that to Thetbyinnyu Tempple:( known as temple of omniscience and the highest ). We will take you next to Dhamayangyi Temple ;( a massive temple which is famous for its interlocking mortar thickest brickwork).And then we will continue to catch sunset time at a temple. Overnight in Bagan.

Day (6) Mt.Popa-Bagan

popa4Good morning ladies and gentlemen after breakfast we will provide to beautiful scenery riding Mt.Popa by car. Mt. Popa, the site of a popular is called Nat(spirits) Heaven .The Nats(37 in and other 37 out) who can allegedly have the power to make your life delightful or miserable but it is not really concern belief of Teravada Buddhism. This area is intoxicating and dry then hiking to the top of Mt. Popa .After down from there we will provide a rest at Mt.Popas resort restaurant then leave back for Bagan . On the way back to Bagan /Nyaung U Mt.poa ;spirit meridians(Nats) centre in Myanmar you will see very interesting movement for example a man who is climbing to palm tree hang his waist five or six clay pots and so sharpen dagger And two buffaloes are grinding peanut that produce oil traditionally. On depend arrival to Bagan is on time to see sunset. Over night in Bagan.

Day (7) Pindaya-Inle Lake

pindaya1Good morning ladies and gentlemen after breakfast accordingly check out then transfer to airport by morning flight to Heho, junction to Inle Lake.Upon arrival we will proceed by car road to Pindaya cave passing the beautiful hill road. Pindaya is known for the extensive lime stone cave, a unique site housing 8000 of ancient Buddha statues with various sizes, some carved in the face of rock and some deposited in inches in the walls. We will serve lunch at a restaurant in Pindaya.

In the late afternoon we will depart to via Khaung daing to Inle Lake here we will see longnect tribes family then transit to long speed boat to move lake it is 22 km long and 11km wide. Inle area has native lake-dwellers, have been living on floating Islands. Inle Lake is the idyllic and magical lake which is famous for its unique leg-rowers. Check-in hotel on the lake.

Day (7) Inle Lake

inle4Good morning ladies and gentlemen after having breakfast to see highlights tour sites include Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda there was enshrined five Buddha Images which as casket by Bagan King Alaung Sithu, and floating gardens, Floating islands , Jumping cat monastery Ngaphechaung;(jumping cats demonstration and like a museum monestary) , and fishermen with their unique style of boat rowing. Visit to local workshops which includes Silk weaving, silver smiting, cotton weaving and cheroot (shan traditional cigar).You will catch beautiful sunset from cottage’s front corridor. Overnight in Inle Lake.

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Day (8) Yangon

yangon10Good morning ladies and gentlemen after breakfast we will have to prepare to check out and will get in boat and drive to Khaungdaing jetty where we will find long neck(padaung )tribe family then transit to car and drive to Heho airport by flight back to Yangon.

We will plan pick up and hotel check in then big rest at the hotel. In the late afternoon we will check out and visit to Bogyoke (Scott) market ;(well known Scott market look around and you can buy Myanmar's wide range of handicrafts then transfer to the international airport. We will greet friendly and say goodbye or have a nice return home if you appreciate our services and hospitalities please tell your connective peoples.



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