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mergui princess cruiseMergui Princess Cruise was built in 2012 in kawthaung & myeik which are famous as Mergui Archipelago. The cruise operates around 800 islands in southern part of myanmar. Mainly purpose for adventure and diving trip. The cruise is available for maximum 18 people with newly built sinngle and double cabins.




rv-paukan-cruise-burma-boatLadies and gentlemen once time you should ride on a cruise or a boat in the river or creek at fabulous environments and fantastic views consists sunrise and sunset those are wonderful too while you visit to Myanmar.

Myanmar possesses many rivers, streams, lakes, ponds as well as the coastline of some 1,300 miles. Vessels of many types and sizes have been an important part of the transportation system in Myanmar. They have been used to convey goods and people, for ceremonial and recreational purposes and in times past, for waging war.


myanmar cruise tour myanmar Kreuzfahrt-Tour

myanmar cruise tour myanmar cruise

mahaythi 2RV Mahaythi offering two cruises traveling into the network of Ayeyarwady Delta Region. This is the one and only river cruise operating in the delta area which should not be missed. Pleasantly cruise travel into the Delta region, via Twante where clay pot painting and Pathein where the traditional umbrella workshops are located. One can see the native villages, the mighty Ayeyarwady River, un-spoilt beaches of purest white sand and crystal-clear blue water facing the Bay of Bengal.

Road to Mandalay A journey along the legendary Ayeyarwady is a voyage of a lifetime. From this mighty river, which runs the length of the country, all Myanmar treasure for so long hidden from the world's gaze. The elegant river cruise Road To Mandalay is the ultimate vantage point from which to view Myanmar's serene beauty. The ship runs a variety of exciting cruises, steering guests to all of the country's most amazing sights during the day, then providing a relaxing base for the evening a dip in the pool, an excellent meal and blissful slumber in a luxurious cabin with windows looking out over the river.

myanmar cruise tour myanmar Kreuzfahrt-Tour

cruisenboatPandaw A journey on Burma's Irrawaddy River is one of life's great travel experiences. No vessel could be more appropriate for this than a ship of the Pandaw fleet. The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company in its heyday in the 1920s was the largest privately owned fleet of ships in the world. The company restored in teak and brass an original colonial river steamer called the RV Pandaw. Irrawaddy Flotilla company’s colonial-style river ships are of great craftsmanship and wonderful local materials the Pandaw ships offer alternative standards of comfort and design finish to any other large ships afloat Irrawaddy Princess This cruise provides opportunity to see the most interesting areas in Myanmar on board in a modern and affordable cruise. The newly renovated Irrawaddy Princess offers fully equipped 2 bed-cabins with an attached bathroom.

myanmar cruise tour myanmar cruise

shwe-kainariShwekennery Run by Myanma Inland Water transport having three newly built crafts by Chinese, each one has a capacity of about 100 passengers in all reclining seat at bottom level and an observation deck and dinning hall at up stair. Shwekennery plies between two ancient capitals every day except on Wednesdays and Sundays.

myanmar cruise tour myanmar cruise

Pinlon/Padonmar/Ponnapyan Run by Myanma Inland Water Transport and ply between Mandalay and Bagan. This cruise is more general purpose with passenger plus goods. If you are not time precise and don't mind ling hours on boat this will be the ideal as you may observe activities while loading and unloading with passenger, live animals and goods. Padonmar plies on Wednesdays and Sundays of the week.

myanmar cruise tour myanmar Kreuzfahrt-Tour

Pyi Myanmar Run by Myanma Inland Water Transport . These newly built three Decker boats, which mainly plies long distance between Mandalay and Bhamaw. Pyi Myanmar has three river craft and plies between Mandalay and up river north to Bhamaw three times a weekly. The Pyi Myanmar has a different level of accommodation between US$ 36 to 54 per person for approximately 2 day 2 night journey.

myanmar cruise tour myanmar cruisemyanmar cruise tour myanmar cruise tour

malikha infoMalikha Modern, cruise like hovercraft faster speed with 32 nautical miles an hour, the Malikha operates (2) boats with capacity around (130 )seats. This cruise service connects easy between Ngapali beach and capital city of Rakhine Sittwe [approximated 7 hours] as well as between Sittwe and the ancient city of Mrauk U [approximated 2 hour].




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