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Golden land, Myanmar is situated between Holy Ganges of Indian sub-continent and Great Mekong of Indo-China, 582 miles (936 km) at its widest breadth. From Himalaya to Andaman Sea, River Ayeyarwady flows for 1,500 miles of her whole entirety on the land, enabling civilizations to flourish. At midway of her passage Central Yoma Range breaks briefly for the river to shift slightly toward West and merged with River Chindwin. Chindwin itself has its source at Himalaya and flows parallel and between River Brahmaputra of India and Ayeyarwady. By the seawards, Rakhine Coast, Ayeyarwady Delta and Tanintharyi Coast, in total of 1385 miles coastal line rim on Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Martaban and Andaman Sea. Natural and cultural splendors of land thrive on monsoon rain and great rivers of the land.

Favourable climate and geography support wide variety of flora and fauna to grow in the form of dense rain forests. Civilizations then follow.

In the year 2001, a team of anthropologists found fossilized remains of primates from 49 to 33 million years’ time at Pondaung, Central Myanmar. There are evidences of 20,000 year old Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures in wall paintings of Padalin Cave, near Myittha. By the archeological evidences Mon established civilizations in Ayeyarwady Delta and Tanintharyi Coast around 250 BC, their first kingdom Suwarnabhumi was founded around the port of Thaton.

By the 2nd century AD towards 9th century, city kingdoms of Beikthano, Mongmao, Sriksetra, and Hanlingyi were founded by Pyu tribes in central Myanmar. And lineage of Rakhine kingdom was established in 4th century AD which traced back to 5th century BC. Bagan was founded during 845~850 AD, but only at 1044 AD King Anawrahta unified the city states into nationhood which stretched about the size of present day Myanmar. During the reign of King Anawrahta, Theravada Buddhism has taken root amidst different practices of Buddhism and animism. Theravada Buddhism has ever been in the psyche of populace that the faith never diminishes even by conflicts or wars. Cultures of the land as defined and shaped by ever changing situations always has this faith embedded. Bagan Empire lasted until early 14th. century to be disintegrated into city states again. Nationstates were reestablished successively each time, Hantharwady Empire was founded by Bayintnaung (1552~1581), and Alaungpaya (1752~1760) reunited the nation as Konbaung Kingdom.

In 1886 British colonial power annexed the whole country after three wars. Independent is gained on 4th January, 1948, as the result of continuous political movements against British rule, where the crucial movement being historic Pinlone Treaty which was signed on 12 February 1947.

Presently the country is still in developing stage, and tourism industry is also among the rest of sectors in gaining momentum. Private sector investments, Foreign Direct Investments and Joint Ventures are allowed in the industry. Ministry of Hotels and Tourism undertakes to give regulatory guidance in the industry, and to generate tourism growth. myanmar travel guide



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