MadoiRazi Expedition
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16Day / 15 Night Package (Adventure Trekking / Mountaineering)

 Trip Target  :  Trek up to the summit of Mt, MadoiRazi  4616m
 Trip concept  :  Exploring by trekking through the Himalaya’s remoteness of nature
 Duration  :   16Days / 15Nights (2 nights in guest house,1 nights in village and 12 Nights in camp)
 Adventure Grade  :  Advance Adventure
 Walking Distance  :  Average 6.5 miles trekking per day
 Around 100miles complete trek within 10 days
 Availability  :  October – May
 Best Season  :

 November, December and May(Moderate level of snow)First Priority

 January, February, March (High level of snow) Second Priority

Mt. MadoiRazi

Towering 15146 ft, 4616 meter above sea, and located straight north of Putao is one of the unique features of Eastern Himalaya. The remote plateau region lies in the rain shadow of the MadoiMadaingRazi, alpine range land ecosystem is the sacred water tower of Malikha. Alpine range land of MadoiRazi provides habitats for numerous species of wildlife, many of which are endangered and for a wealth of plant species of medicinal value and other species. Meadow rangeland of the Himalaya is also some of the world’s most outstanding rangeland ecosystems.

Day 01 Arrival - Putao

madoirazi-02Just as you arrive at the Putao airport, your guide will greet and transfer you to Putao guest house. After refreshment, your guide will take you to explore the scenic beauty of Putao, formally known as Fort Hertz and its ethnic groups’ living style by walking in and around the town. The town itself lies on small plane hill and is the most peaceful in northern Myanmar. Being isolated area, the region is rich in biodiversity-flora and fauna and it’s the least visited area by the tourist.



Day 02 Putao–Malirein (jeep\trek)

madoirazi-03After breakfast leave truck to Mansekhun village on dirt road and then get off the truck and start trek to Malirein village through the villages. Dinner and over-night in local house.





Day 03Malirein- Camp I (trek)

Breakfast and we set off for our today destination to camp I, situated at 748 meter which should take us about 5 hours on the lowland trek by passing through spectacle Namyin creek. Dinner and over-night in tent..

Day04 Camp II - Camp III (aka) Nampa Chaung Camp (trek)

madoirazi-04Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at camp III, situates at 2874 ft, 876 meter along Madoi creek until we reach confluence of Madoi and Namfa creeks. The so-called subnival zone is the one of the first to study the relationship between plants and ultraviolet light and also one of the best fields on earth to observe continuous forest vegetation from the tropical lowland to the tree line and alpine scrub vegetation above. Once we cross Namfa creek and called it a day. Dinner and over-night in tents.



Day05 Camp III - Camp IV (trek)

Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at camp IV situates at 5404ft, (1647 meter) which should take us about 7 hours to complete. Actual ascending starts from here as we trek up along small stream coming straight down from the mountains. After a challenging uphill trek through 6000ft (1828 meter) mountain we should finally reach at camp IV. In total our journey involve a slight descend but quite significant ascend. At this stage we witness a rich alpine range land habitats for numerous species of wildlife. Many of which are endangered and for a wealth of plant species. Dinner and over-night at tents.

Day06 Camp IV - Camp V (trek)

madoirazi-05Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at camp V situates at 9165ft (2794 meter) which should take us about 8 hours. By far today destination is challenging one as we first descend 1076ft (328 meter) but later ascend up to 4649ft (1417 meter). Here we witness Alpine - Himalaya meadow ecosystem of MadaingRazi with both its new and old floras and its abundant floristic components is one of the Myanmar’s biggest treasure-house of plant resources. We should arrive relatively early but our team does need some time to fetch water as they have to about one mile to get some water. Dinner and over-night in tents.


Day07 Camp V - Camp VI (trek)

madoirazi-06Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at camp VI situates at 11652 ft, 3551 meter which should take about 8 hours. Here we notice most alpine plants are dwarfish, considerable number of curious gigantic plants as snowball, glasshouse plants, a beautiful the Myanmar section of Eastern Himalaya. This camp has a small water pond thus getting water was not a problem at this point. Dinner and over-night in tents. 



Day08 Camp VI - Camp VII Snow line (snow trek)

Breakfast and we enjoy beautiful surrounding having pine elevation leaving the tree line below. We set off for our today destination at camp VI situates at 12811ft (3905 meter) on challenging snow trek which should take us about 6 hours. On the way we notice a unique character of Eastern-Himalaya flora. By mean of minimizing their body size by minimizing their own physiological necessities. They keep their entomophilies flowers large to attract pollinators. Dwarf plants with large flower-head can be seen in the upper alpine zone, above 4800 meter of the MadoiMadaingRazi. We rest through the afternoon acclimatizing the height. Here located renowned Madoi pond (as known as Nanda Kan) which was exactly one mile (1.6 km) in diameter. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day09 Camp VII - Camp VIII (aka) Big Pond Camp (snow trek)

madoirazi-07Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at camp VIII situates at 13613ft (4149 meter) which should take us total 8 hours to complete. In the alpine region above 4000 - 4500 meter in the Himalaya, air temperature never goes below 15 degree Celsius even at the height of summer days and the lowest air temperature is below – 10 degree Celsius. Several other plants are also known to have adaptations to keep their flowers warm, translucent bracts of Rheum nubile are such a mechanism to effectively keep the reproductive organs warm to warm to ensure reproduction in the cold summer environment of the Himalaya. Here located a pond which is twice larger then Madoi pond. Dinner and over-night in tents.


Day10 Camp VIII - Mt. Madoi Summit - Camp VIII

madoirazi-08Early in the morning we set off for the summit at 15146 ft, 4616 meter though difficult terrain and challenging weather which should take us somewhere between one and an hour to three hours depends on the weather condition. Weather gets windy and gusty thus we had to climb carefully. Once we are at summit, we spend some time and return back to camp VIII. Dinner and over-night in tents.




Day11 Camp - VIII - Camp VI

Breakfast and we continue descends till we reach at camp VI. Most of the journey is downhill thus we gain much speed but more strenuous balancing ourselves. As usual we enjoy beautiful flora and fauna of Eastern Himalayas as we trek. Dinner and over-night in tents.

Day12 Camp VI - Camp IV

Breakfast and we keep trek back to our today destination at camp III, which should take us about 6 hours. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day13 Camp IV - Camp II

Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at camp I, passing through low land scarf forests, crossing a number of challenging creeks. Dinner and over-night in tents.

Day14 Camp II – Camp I

After Breakfast trek to Camp I by passing through the several number of stream. Enjoy the dinner and stay over- night in tent.

Day15 Camp I - Htadindum - Putao

Breakfast and we set off for our today destination at Htadindum through tropical low land scarf forests which should take us about 7 hours. Here we hopped on our awaits truck and set off for Putao. Overnight at Putao Guset House.

Day16 Departure

Breakfast and perhaps a last minute shopping at Putao market. Later transfer to airport for our onward departure flight to conclude this unique experience.

Included Services:

  • Ground Transportation in Putao
  • Accommodation in Putao Guest House (on arrival and one night before departure)
  • Full board meal, safe drinking water
  • Escorted English language leader, Cook and Porters

Excluded Services:

  • Domestic airfare
  • Insurance
  • Expenditure on personal nature such as laundry, alcoholic beverages, gratitude to Guide and Porters
  • Travel Permit


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