Hourse Back Riding Itinerary
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ALL Clients:

Must have completed a Rider’s Application Form before riding a horse.
(the responsibility falls to the Parent/Guardian if the child is under 18).


As a deposit 30% of the total amount is required to confirm your tour booking at the time of the booking and the deposit must be made a month in advance before starting your tour. Regarding to the rest payment 70% of the total amount must be paid one week in advance before starting your tour. All prices are quoted in USD. So, we accept the deposit payment only in USD for your tour.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges are calculated on the day written notice is received.
Cancellation chargers are as follow;

  • In case of cancellation more than 30 days the deposit will not be retained by the company.
  • In case of cancellation 30-16 days prior to starting your tour will be charged 50 % of the deposit.
  • In case of cancellation 15-8 days prior to starting your tour will be charged 100 % of the deposit.
  • In case of cancellation within 7-5 days prior to starting your tour will be charged 70% of the total selling price.


After commencement of Travel, no refund either in full or part, will be given for unutilized services included in the program.

Responsibilities of the Client

  • Clients are responsible for ensuring of their passport beyond the full duration of their travel.
  • Clients are responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and vaccinations.
  • Clients must yield to the conditions and formalities of police, customs and health in the country at the time of travel. If the client does not respect the laws of the country, cannot shoe the correct documents, or is delayed because of his own fault, he is responsible for the incurred costs.
  • Each client must accept the authority of the tour leader.
  • The tour leader will not be held responsible for incidents or accidents which may occur as a result of unwise personal initiative.
  • If the health or conduct of any client before or during the tour appears likely, in the opinion of the tour leader, to endanger the group, the client may be excluded from the tour. Expenses resulting will be borne by the client and a refund of money paid will not be given.
  • The company will not accept any responsibility for luggage and personal property of client.

Age Limits, Weight Limits & Fitness

  • All clients must be not more than 180lbs of weight.
  • Any age of the clients are accepted on the tours on the condition if they accept full responsibility for themselves.
  • All clients must satisfy themselves before booking that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary. If in any doubt, professional medical advice must be obtained.

Illness & Disability

Anyone suffering from illness or disability, or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition, must declare the nature of the condition at the time of booking. Such a client must make his own arrangements for drugs and treatment required during the tour.

Important information and rider restrictions

The wearing of a helmet is compulsory for all riders. You are welcome to bring your own horse riding helmet, saddle.
Please be advised that all horse rides are subject to availability of a suitable horse.
Please be aware that our maximum weight limit must be 180lbs.
In addition to a person's weight, whether we have a suitable horse available also depends upon a rider’s height to weight ratio, riding experience, general muscle tone and fitness levels.

Guide Policy

All tour guides who will take a horse riding tour together with their clients;

  • Must have taken a horse-riding course conducted by Myanmar Equestrian Federation joining hands with Ayeindamar Travel & Tour CO., LTD.
  • Must have the horse-riding guide license issued by Myanmar Equestrian Federation.
  • Must have the basic knowledge of horse riding and horse behaviors and horse nature.
  • Can ride a horse ( with walk, trot, center)
  • Must have an experience of riding a horse on a 20km-outdoor trail at least one time.
  • As a guide fee for the riding tours, riding guide fee is 50-USD/ per guide per day.

Travel Insurance

As for travel insurances, all visitors will be required to undertake the travel insurances in your own country on your own before travelling to your holiday destination.

Punctuality and Arrival Times

Please arrive an hour before the start of the trail riding.


We always pay attention to the safety and security of our clients seriously. So, we would like to advise you to avoid drawing attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewellery, carrying expensive equipments. Travelers have the responsibility for their personal safety and that of their possessions. We don’t take any responsibility for the damage, theft, loss of your personal property while it’s on the premise.

What to wear and bring

  • We recommend full length pants, jodhpurs, moleskins and jeans are ideal.
  • Footwear needs to be fully enclosed such as horse riding boots or shoes with a flat sole and small heel. If you don't have these, you can wear runners or sandshoes however they are not recommended. Sandals, thongs or large bulky shoes with a heavy tread pattern are not permitted.
  • For safety reasons backpacks and the like are not permitted to be worn whilst horse riding.
  • Depending on the weather we suggest bringing sunscreen, insect repellent & brimmed hat. 

Jewellery & Personal Property

  • You should not wear Jewellery of any kind, anything you wear you do so at your own risk.
  • It's the parents’ responsibility to check their child isn't wearing Jewellery.
  • We can't be held responsible for Damage, Theft or Loss of your personal property while it's on the premises.
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