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Balloon Tour in Bagan (Hours Journey or Day Journey on the Sky)

Hours Journey or Day Journey in the sky


balloon_over_baganGood Day Ladies & Gentlemen we would Like to suggest if you are willing to visit Myanmar(Burma-Yangon) you should choose by morning Flight is much better.On the occasionally you couldn't get air ticket like that you don't hesitate or worry about that we will adjust itineraries but we wouldn't omit from confirm programmes.

Please you may require to ride balloon when you make booking or accordingly you can request while you arrived here. We will arrange and make your fulfill wishes promptly a day ahead.
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balloon_over_bagan_1This journey very much exciting and imagine flying  over thousand year old pagodas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, as the sun sinks slowly behind distant mountains.The magic of Bagan has inspired visitors to Myanmar for centuries. One of the most remarkable sights in Asia, ancient temples dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Now " Balloons over Bagan" affords visitors a unique opportunity to see this ancient Kingdom, as it has never been seen before.

We will proceed on time  sunrise and sunset champagne flights take off daily from October through to the end of March. The balloon is guided by gentle winds not exceeding 15 mph, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird's-eye view of ancient temples drifting by. Using his skill the pilot is able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly crew and a celebratory glass of champagne will be on hand. On average, flights last between (45) minutes from to an hour.

balloon_over_bagan_2So fantastic and marvelous accompany by balloon has over Bagan  safety and expert pilots and technicians are qualified and registered in the UK. The balloons, which are built to the highest standards of the British aerospace industry, are provided by Cameron Balloons Limited, the world's largest manufacturer of high quality balloons.

We can give guarantee the balloons are insured for two million dollars, third party, and passenger liability.

myanmar travels myanmar travels myanmar travels myanmar travels

Destinations Balloon Riding Fares Period
Bagan Sightseeing USD 340 per person 1stOct 17 to 10th Apl 18
Inle Sightseeing USD 340 per person 15th Oct 17 to15th Mar 18
Ngapali Sightseeing USD 340 per person 1st Nov 17 to 31st Mar 18

Private Charter and premium seMce includes:
  1. Personal pick up and drop off, with small size on and off road vehicles.
  2. Full Safety Briefing and viewing of pre-launch inflation from a dedicated viewing area, with hot beverages and light snacks.
  3. 45 min - hour balloon flight in a eight or twelve passenger balloon in Bagan &, a four or six passenger balloon in Inle Lake and Ngapali Beach, which will experience for a more exclusive, intimate and interactive flight.
  4. Sparkling wine and fresh fruit reception after landing, with presentation of personal flight certificate.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Mentioned rates are quoted in US$ and are inclusive of tax and service charge.
  2. All reservations must be made in writing, attention to or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  3. Any passenger whose weight exceeds 125kg/280pounds or any passenger who requires seating for two persons will be requested to pay a 100% surcharge on the ticket price. Failure to disclose the above weight information in advance may lead to refusal of flight at the launch site, without refund.
  4. Children under the age of 8 years cannot be accepted to fly, children between 8 and 16 years will only be accepted if accompnied by a responsible adult. All childten should be a minimum of 137cm (4ft 6") tall.

Preparation for flight

  1. Passengers are advised to wear 100% natural fiber clothing, with long trousers and long sleeved shirt or tops and suitable outdoor foorwear. Please be aware that it can also be cool on the launch field before sunrise. For Inle Lake & Ngapali Beach region, guests may wear life jacket that will provide by balloon company during your flight time.
  2. Some medical conditions may preclude a passengers ability to fly (eg: epilepsy, recent surgery, serious history of heart condtion etc), any known condition should be disclosed both at the time of booking and by the pilot on the day of flight. For safety reasons, pregnant women will not be permitted to fly. Balloon riding accepts no liability for illness or injury due to any undisclosed condition.
  3. The pilot is legally onliged to consider the safety and well being of all his passengers and may refuse to carry a passenger for whatever reason (if he considers that carrying the passenger may endanger the flight, other passengers or themselves). Balloon company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of any passengers at anytime.
  4. Any passenger whose weight exceeds 125kg/280pounds or any passenger who requires seating for two persons will be requested to pay a 100% surcharge on the ticket price. Failure to disclose the above weight information in advance may lead to refusal of flight at the launch site, without refund.
  5. The pilot-in-commend has overall authority on the day and all passengers and crew mush comply with his instructions. The pilot's decision on all matters is final.
  6. Prior to boarding the aircraft, the pilot will give a full safety briefing to all passengers. All passengers mush give the pilot your full attention and listen carefully to the briefing. (Filming of the breifing by a passenger is strictly prohibited) - if the passenger has not understood any part of the briefing, the he or she must make the pilot aware and ask fot it to be explained.


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